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Unidos is a collective of many local and community focused organizations and engaged individuals, together serving the diverse spectrum of the Chicano Latino community in Riverside. Unidos was formed to work together on initiatives that serve us all beyond the valued niche mission of each group.

We are The Cheech

The creation of “We are The Cheech” statement addresses the accountability we, as a community, have to the creation of this space. There is pride in knowing that the foundation of such a space is being put together, piece by piece, by every member of the community and not solely thrown together by wealthy investors, rich patrons, and government money. The Cheech is a labor of love and the logo and tagline of, “We are The Cheech”, attempts to capture a spirit of resistance, culture, and community.

We hope that anyone who has ever worked toward giving voice and a presence to those who have struggled against invisibility, can identify with “We are The Cheech”. Also, the design invites anyone to take ownership of not just a museum, but a movement of inclusivity and forward-thinking.

Cheech Marin wondered out loud at his April 2018 talk at the Culver Center for the Arts, for whom is the The Cheech being created? To whom does the art belong? Simply put, es de todos y para todos. The art belongs to us all. The Cheech is for the people. What is remarkably beautiful about this concept is that Cheech Marin also understands and embraces this principle.

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The Cheech will provide a place for all to see, study, and discuss the various intersections of Chicano art, a movement that transcends worlds, cultures, and experiences. It is only with our combined efforts, and working together as a community, that The Cheech will become a reality. You can contribute with any amount or donating an item for auction. Sign up and support The Cheech!

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To work together to make “The Cheech” Center for Chicano Art, Culture, and Industry a reality; a dynamic daily demonstration of the presence and voice of the Chicano Latino community.

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